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Raising the Bar!


We cover the entire state to provide you continuity in the discovery process and prompt transcript delivery. If you frequently need out-of-state reporting services, Campano & Associates maintains a directory of Registered Professional Reporters throughout the country. We will be glad to schedule a reporter where necessary.


We arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time to set up equipment, record the case caption, names of counsel and parties present and any terminology pertinent to the case in order that the deposition proceed as scheduled.

Scheduling and Confirmation

We call the day prior to the scheduled deposition date to confirm the deposition. To ensure that your deposition is in our diary, mail or fax your notice to us!

Videotaped Depositions

Should the need arise, we’ll make all the arrangements needed to provide you with videographers who have met our standards of professionalism.

We Handle

Medical Malpractice · Products Liability · Environmental · Patents · Asbestos · DNA · Contracts · Discrimination · Accidents · Divorces · Hearings · Arbitrations

E-Mailing Transcripts

Technology is changing the court reporting industry rapidly. The newest technologies make us even more responsive to your needs. As an additional service, we can e-mail a transcript anywhere.

10 Business Day Delivery

Turn-around time at Campano & Associates is 10 business days in hand from the day the deposition is taken. Daily, overnight and expedited copy is available upon request, without compromising quality.

Pagesaver Condensed Transcripts

Mini Transcripts: Six original transcript pages are compressed into one double-sided page. Line numbers from the condensed transcript match the line numbers of the original transcript pages. Lightweight and useful when traveling. Why tie up your office staff photocopying hundreds of pages of testimony? Ask us for a PageSaver transcript.

Keyword Indexing

An index of each and every word in the transcript, its page and line number reference and the number of times it appears. Keyword Indexing is a valuable cross-referencing tool.


A great tool that allows you to view, search, copy and paste into whatever Word program that you are using.  You will first need to download the free E-Transcript Viewer once to open, view and print every E-Transcript file you receive.

Web Conferencing